Damage and Travel Protection

Protect your property against damage and simplify management.

Plus give guests the option to purchase travel protection so they can book your vacation rental home with confidence.

Here's What Damage and Liability Protection Can Do:

  • Covers repair and replacement costs of damages by renters up to the coverage limit. The standard coverage limit is $1,500. An upgraded $3,000 coverage limit is also available if you are seeking more protection for your vacation rental home.
  • Includes $1,000,000 in liability coverage for accidents and injury to a renter and third parties during their stay, filling the gaps in traditional homeowner's insurance policies by covering liability claims that arise specifically from vacation rental activities.
  • Bedbug protection is included, covering additional cleaning expenses and the loss of income incurred in the eradication of a bed bug incident.
  • Eliminates the need to collect large upfront damage deposits which you then need to remember to refund at check-out. The cost of the policy is a one-time fee paid by the guest when booking online and charged automatically by our booking software.
  • Claims are filed online through an easy to use dashboard where photos of damages and receipts of repairs can be uploaded.

Here's What Travel Protection Can Do:

  • Standard Protection: Protects 100% of guest reservation investments in case of cancellation, delay or interruption for 30 covered reasons including: illness, injury, natural disasters, or travel delays.
  • Enhanced Protection: "Cancel For Any Reason" Travel Protection option is also available which includes all the coverage of Standard Protection plus 60% reimbursement of guest reservation investments for non-covered reasons.
  • Reassures guests and enhances their trip planning confidence so you can receive more bookings.

Easy Claim Process

Claims can be made online or over the phone and instructions are included with the policy documents delivered when coverage is opened. Damage protection claims are payable to the vacation rental manager directly, and travel claims are payable directly to the guest.

Frequently Asked Questions About Damage & Travel Protection

Both Damage & Travel Protection are paid for by the guest. Coverage for damage and liability protection is for the vacation rental home, whereas coverage for travel protection is for the guest's reservation investment. Coverage is billed at the time the reservation order is reviewed and approved by the vacation rental manager. Damage protection is mandatory for online bookings made by the guest directly.

Yes--for online bookings made by the guest directly. Manager bookings do not require damage protection. Damage protection is billed to the guest directly via credit card.

Damage and liability protection claims are paid for reimbursement costs to the property manager whereas travel protection claims are payable to the guest.

The property manager has 15 days after check-out to find and report damage to the rental property and 45 days to resolve the issue and gather documentation (receipts, photos, et cetera) of damaged or stolen property. Claims are adjudicated within 7 days and then paid by check to the property manager.

For Damage and liability protection, a link is provided inside your VacationRentalDesk.com member dashboard to file a claim. The process is simple and straightforward and will ask you for descriptions as well as photos, receipts, and a police report if necessary of any damaged or stolen items.

For Travel Protection, the guest can follow a link provided in their coverage documents, which are emailed to them after coverage is opened.

No, travel protection is available for U.S. and Canadian residents only. In addition, enhanced travel protection is not available at this time for the residents of New Hampshire, New York, Washington state, and the province of Quebec.