About Us

VacationRentalDesk.com is a user-friendly online booking and reservation management service for vacation rental owners and managers that allows you to build your vacation rental website in just minutes.

We believe investing in you, our client, because your success is our success! This is why, unlike the competition, we will always charge exactly $0 in setup fees.

We are a TRUE American business 100% designed, developed, hosted, and supported in the USA.

What We Do

Taking online bookings for your vacation rental has never been easier! With VacationRentalDesk.com you can build your own professional vacation rental website in just minutes, complete with a high resolution photo gallery, availability calendar, secure online booking system and reservation management. Credit card processing and electronic checks can be added for easy guest payment options.

VacationRentalDesk.com has been making online reservations quick and easy for guests and owners alike since 2007. It just so happens that 2017 marks our 10-year anniversary (), and we are honored to have served the vacation rental community for the last decade. We are in fact one of the original software-as-a-service companies in the vacation rental space. Many new companies have come and gone throughout the years (and even literally copying us verbatim along the way) but we've remained a leader with over 1 million nights booked and a half a million management hours saved.

Business Philosophy

Our goal is to maintain the highest level of quality of service, and continually striving for improvement while keeping our products easy and intuitive to use.

We believe that success in the long run can be attributed to working closely with our clients. To this end, we listen to our client's feedback and it helps shape our business. We routinely add new features to make our service a little better each day; the majority of our new features are results from suggestions by our clients. See what our clients are saying about us.

The Company

VacationRentalDesk.com is a privately owned small business software company located in Orange County, California, which we like to think as the Silicon Valley of Southern California.

Unlike our competitors who fly American flags on their website while having the majority of their workforce located overseas (along with all of their data customer's data), we are proudly a 100% American business to the core. This includes all of our customer support, sales, development, hosting and industry partners.

System Security

In order to maintain the highest quality of service our systems are housed in secure facilities in California with dual fiber ring on an OC-192 connections featuring emergency backup power, video surveillance, fire suppression, on-site technicians, and 24x7 emergency support. We employ standby systems, firewalls, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) member areas, PCI DSS compliance, and data encryption & safeguarding to ensure your account is always safe and accessible.

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We are a privately owned and operated business based in Orange County, California.


Each year we give 10% of our profit to charities. The last several years we've had the privilage to give to dental missionaries in El Salvador, who provide free care to adults and children, many of whom have never been to a dentist.

Made in the USA

We take pride in the fact that of our vacation rental booking products and services are 100% designed, developed, and supported in the USA. All of our partners are based in the USA as well, which we strongly believe in. We sincerely wish to thank all of our clients for supporting American business.