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Using Social Media for Marketing Your Vacation Rental

Considering that millions of potential customers go online daily, and are familiar with many social media platforms, marketing your property on social media can be a crucial step.

Listening Mechanism

Social media provides a great system for understanding your client’s wants and needs. Simply checking Twitter for "Vacation Nightmare" and you will be faced with reviews of Vacations gone wrong.

These platforms provide a great resource for building off others’ mistakes, and making sure your rental doesn’t become one of the next vacation nightmares! Also allowing yourself to be available online provides an element of trust for the renter. They are now able to see, and communicate with you openly. Using social media to understand others’ poor experiences, and utilizing it to read reviews on your own property can truly make worlds of difference.

SEO Value

Search Engine Optimization relies on a large online footprint. Just having a website doesn’t make for a big enough presence to get your rental seen. By creating and even slightly maintaining your social media profiles, you are expanding your footprint and allowing more potential customers to see you.

Hashtag Exposure

For some, the “hashtag” is a new thing. The hashtag is simply the pound symbol #. This has become a massive search and categorization tool through many social platforms. This allows other users to find content based on what they’re searching for. For example, a rental in Houston could use #houstonvacation or #houstonrental and market to users directly looking for that information.


Everybody knows about the threat of vacation rental scams, where people pose on the Internet as if they are rental owners, take the money and run. Establishing your credibility online through multiple channels allows customers the peace of mind and verification that you are a real rental. By using social media platforms, you can let your customers know that by booking online with Vacation Rental Desk directly through your website, or by finding you through one of your other authentic accounts, they can have complete peace of mind when booking their vacation.


Branding is what you use to define your company’s image. By keeping a consistent brand across many platforms of social media, customers will begin to understand and relate to your brand. Sharing interests and information you find interesting will create a sense of relationship, and trust. For example, the Houston rental may show local concerts, scenic views, or attractions that customers would want to see. By posting, not only do new potential customers see it as a reason to visit, but previous customers will reminisce and interact, doing much of your marketing for you.

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