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New Management Features

We've added several new features over the last couple of months to make the day to day operations of managing your vacation rental home easier than ever before. Outlined below are a few that you will want to take advantage of:

Owner Logins

Now its easy to create logins for your owners. Owner Logins have permission to view their Calendar, mark of dates for maintenance or personal stays, and access any reports that you'd like to grant them permission to access, such as the Check-in and Check-out Report and Reserved Dates Report.

To keep control over account permissions, Owner Logins will not have any management capabilities, such as editing reservations or adjusting any of your online booking settings.

Browse By Google Maps

Now guests can browse your rentals by location, making it easy for guests to see where your rentals are located (eg. water-front, lake-front, or just how close to that popular street fair downtown).

Our new Browse By Google Maps feature places markers on an interactive map and allows users to zoom in and out, pan, and click on individual rentals to view photo, amenities, rates, and book online. Guests can also visually filter the map by # of bedrooms, occupancy, and amenities such as wireless Internet & pet-friendly locations.

Browse By Pricing

Now guests can browse your inventory by price, quickly identifying the relative cost of each rental. An appropriate range of pricing in terms of per night, per week, or per month will automatically be shown--there's nothing you need to configure, this feature is automatic. Pricing can be shown as a range, low to high (default), or you can show low only.

Browse By Pricing can be turned on by contacting Customer Care.

Enhanced Credit Card Security

If you are currently processing credit cards, we've added the option to show Address Verification Results (AVS) and Cardholder Validation Value (CVV) results to all credit card transactions. The AVS result will tell you if the address the card holder provided matches with their credit card, and the CVV result will tell you if the 3-4 digit security code on the back of the credit card matches.

Enhanced Credit Card Security can be turned on upon request by contacting Customer Care.

New Report: Reservation Income Report

This new report shows you reservation income and occupancy for a specific period of time, eg. last month. We recommend running this report one a month or once a quarter.

Drop Down Menus

Drop down menus allow you to add extra content pages to your website while keeping them organized.

For example, add a menu called "Activities" that can lists links to the pages "Best Surf Spots", "Best Snorkeling Spots", and "Best Beaches".

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