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We have been working hard at to improve our online booking system so that you have the most powerful tools and features at your fingertips!

Now we are happy to announce new features and helpful changes below that will save you time and improve the online booking experience for your guests. All of these features come from free with your account. As always, look for the *new* graphic to spot new features.

Guest Notes

Guests can now enter a note for you, the property manager, when making a reservation online. The guest is asked for a note on the last step of the online booking process, just before they place the reservation. Guest notes will appear in the Order Notes section of the order on the Order Summary page.

Adults & Children

Guests can now specify how many adults and children they have, instead of just how many people there are total in their party.

Billing-Same Checkbox

Guests paying by credit card can now click a simple checkbox in the online booking process to indicate that their billing address for their credit card is the same as their personal address. Every little thing counts for your guests!

Damage Deposit Clarification

Damage deposits are now labeled as "refundable" in print when a guest is making an online booking and when order details are emailed to guests. This should aleviate any confusion on the guest's part, so they always know that their damage deposit is refundable (provided that no damages are made to the property).

Bulk Coupon Management

If you have more than one property you can now replicate (copy) an online booking coupon onto all of the other properties on your account with a single click. This saves you time from having to re-enter the coupon for each property. You can also delete a coupon for a single property or all properties on your account.

Rate Window Renewal

Now you can replicate (copy) all of your rate windows for a property from one year to the next. Rate windows normally expire after their ending date. However, if you want to use the same Rate Windows from one year to the next, now you can quickly copy them.

Reservation Transfers

If you have more than one property, now you can quickly and easily transfer reservations from one property to another. If a guest changes their mind and wants to move from Beach House "A" to Beach House "B", you can move their dates to a different property while retaining all of the reservation's guest information, payments, contract and ledger. Just look for the blue link labeled "Transfer Reservation" on the left-hand side of the Reservation Order Summmary.

Font Sizes

We aren't getting any younger (our web team included), so we have increased many of the font sizes throughout the member's area. This should help make reading a bit easier on the eyes and also more comforting for our help guides and how-to articles located in the "Help" section.

Changing Order Status

Now when you change a reservation's status to "Paid In Full" you will be given the option to automatically mark all of the scheduled payments as paid. This saves you from having to mark each of the scheduled payments as paid manually.

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