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Improve Your SEO and Enhance Your Brand with Personalized SSL Certificates

The latest trend in the ever-evolving world wide web is "HTTPS everywhere." Spearheaded by Google, this transition calls for enhanced website security, namely HTTPS enabled web pages not just where they're typically found--on shopping cart and online booking pages that collect sensitive information--but on every web page.

In keeping up with this new security trend, supports HTTPS for all of our vacation rental websites by default. This means that all of your web pages are secure, from your homepage to your contact page, and you won't be demoted by Google for search engine optimization purposes due to insecure HTTP web pages, which also causes Google Chrome to show a red "X" warning in the address bar.

Ok phew, well that's good to know...Now onto the even better part: We are now offering custom SSL certificates for enhanced branding so that visitors can see your domain name in their URL bar when visiting your vacation rental website.

What's an SSL certificate you may ask? Simply put it's a trusted certificate installed on your website that permits an encrypted (HTTPS) web connection to your visitors. As mentioned previously, by default our websites come secured out of the box, and these web pages utilize a standardized SSL certificate. For this reason, you'll notice that the address bar in Google Chrome or other browsers displays our secure domain name:

Now, if you have your own domain name, which we highly recommend for branding and credibility, then you'll want to now purchase your own SSL certificate so that your domain name can be shown prominently in the address bar when guests visit your website. This improves brand awareness, ensures visual continuity, and adds a touch of professionalism that provides guests with more confidence and trust in your business, two characteristics that are absolutely imperative to get guests to place reservation online.

Contact Customer Care to get your personalized SSL certificate today!

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