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Gain Insight Into Your Vacation Rental Inventory's Availability

Gain Insight Into Your Vacation Rental Inventory's Availability

Vacation rental owners and managers with budding portfolio can often find themselves overwhelmed when it comes to checking availability. Which property is currently vacant? Is there a back-to-back guest turnover happening tomorrow? What guests are checking-out next week? 

These questions and more can be answered by a quick visual glance at the master availability calendar provided in our vacation rental software. Just sign in and navigate to the Calendar tab and click the "View All Properties" button. You will be shown a color-coded visual presentation of your entire inventory's availability for the month.

Color Coded Reservations

Do you have any past-due reservations? Or approaching check-ins for reservations that haven't been fully paid for? We recommend taking a brief moment to inspect the color legend so you can quickly memorize and identify the status of every reservation by color code. For simplicity, the same colors are used on the calendar as used on the reservation order summary page itself.

Refining Availability Data

You can further refine the data shown on your master calendar by picking a starting date from the box in the top right-hand corner; for instance pick the middle of the month of August to see what reservations are spanning into the September Labor Day weekend.

Quickly Identify Back-to-Back Turnovers

Is there a reservation checking out and another checking in on the same day? Look for the icon.

Wait, There's More! Mouse-Hover for Additional Information

You can hover your mouse over each date for additional information such as the guest name, or external source that the booked date came from such as AirBnB.

For any questions or comments on checking vacation rental inventory availability for your properties, please feel free to reach out to us by contacting Customer Care

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