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Expanding Your Property to Appeal to Business Travelers

Expanding Your Property to Appeal to Business Travelers

Many vacation rental owners forget that not everyone has the luxury of traveling solely for pleasure. Though most marketing strategies point toward leisure travelers, the business travelers are making up 23% of the vacation and travel industry according to the US Travel Association. 

Recent polls have also shown that approximately 40% of all travelers (business and leisure) plan and prefer staying in vacation rentals compared to hotels, and that number is only rising.

So, the big question. How can you make your vacation rental appeal to business travellers in a few simple steps?

#1: Connect- WIFI

The biggest hurdle for business travelers is staying connected. Not only do many leisure travelers deem Wifi as a necessity, but it is almost a requirement for business travelers. Making this a widely known feature will not only appeal to business travelers, but also to families traveling with teens who want to stay connected.

#2: Space- Work & Relax

If you are marketing to business travelers, and you want them to come back, be sure to include comfortable sleeping and relaxing quarters in addition to a work space. Where many of your leisure travelers may not expect to see a desk, business travelers will appreciate the attention to detail and will be a feature that many will remember, and come back to. If you have an area set aside for business and even meetings, be sure to highlight it on your website or listings.

#3: Inspiration

Much of the reason that business travelers are switching from primarily hotels to vacation rentals is due to the fact that there is often more inspiration in the environment. Just because accommodations are functional and comfortable doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Business travel isn’t all bad, and doesn’t have to be about sitting around in a sterile hotel room or office the entire time. Providing a unique experience can inspire creativity and concentration.

#4: Commute

Giving specific times for traveling to the center of the city, to the airport, or other nearby cities. Most travelers are visiting areas they have never been to before, making it a very helpful tip to include standard travel times. Mentioning favorite transportation resources and providing numbers for taxi services also goes a long way.

#5: Work then Enjoy
No work trip will be completely business, yet many business travelers forget that. Highlighting the relaxing, fun, or interesting things to do around your property as a good retreat option. Showcasing the good food options, best scenic areas, and attractions can go far in bringing all kinds of travelers to your property, and will leave a lasting mark in their memory to tell their friends and visit again.

By taking the time now to establish your vacation rental as a business and leisure friendly retreat, you will come in ahead of the competition and find your rental growing as the industry of business travelers does.


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