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Example Social Media and Blog Posts for Your Rental

Example Social Media and Blog Posts for Your Rental

So you have your vacation rental, your newly-established social media accounts, and the initiative to create free, engaging marketing for your vacation rental business. All that's left is to get the content out there and start seeing increased bookings and greater success for your vacation rental business.

All the information you could ever need to start posting about you rental you already have. Just by owning or managing a vacation rental in a specific location provides you with insight into what types of events, holidays, seasons, and more draw in guests to the area. Try to pair an image (personal, from the news, from a search) with a little bit of text to entice guests and engage with them on their social networks.

Concerts and Festivals

Music-lovers around the world will travel far and wide for the perfect festival or concert line-up. Weekend-long events such as these are a huge opportunity to market your rental and secure bookings (even increase profit with higher rates!). In this example, a rental in Austin, TX shares a few quick words about the upcoming South by Southwest music festival to their social media following, reminding them that if they want a place to stay for that weekend, they should act fast. Check the newspapers and advertisements to hear about upcoming festivals or sought-after concert tickets.

Tournaments and Events

Sporting events and tournaments sustain a significant traveling fanbase. For the avid golf lover, finding a beautiful rental to stay in during the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament is a high priority. Do some research if needed to see if your area hosts sporting events or tournaments such as this.

Seasons and Weather

For some guests, the weather is everything! Had an incredible snowfall this year? Skiers and snowboarders want to know! The right weather will draw in guests during any season.

Local Experiences

Does your town have a to-die-for burger bar? Or maybe a charming little coffee shop? The best ice cream parlor around? Scout out the local spots and see what people are saying about them. Chances are a potential guest would love some recommendations for places to try, and you have the inside scoop!

Unique Activities

Most vacation towns host unique activities that interest travelers. Heard from a former guest that they really enjoyed horseback riding on the cliffs with a guided tour? Share those types of activities on your social media channels and help prospective guests plan their next visit to your vacation rental.

Insider Specials

Many local businesses offer exciting deals and specials as part of their initiative to increase new foot traffic into their space. Do some quick research or keep your ears open for word-of-mouth insider specials that any guest couldn't pass up. The best sandwich shop in town gives away their sandwiches for 50% off after 4pm everyday? Who could resist that?

Updates to Your Rental

Just installed keyless entry to your vacation rental? Snap a photo and post it on your social channels and blog. Your guests will love knowing that you're working towards making their stays more enjoyable.

The key to posting on social media is to filter information coming in about your rental and your area as if your were listening through a guest's ears: Why would I most want to visit this town? What does this area have to offer me that's unique and exciting? What events am I interested that I could experience while staying at this rental?

Entering in to this mindset will have you consistently posting on social media in no time!

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