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Enhanced Booking Restrictions

We listen to your feedback and are continually striving to improve our service. To that end we have recently added new features to your online booking system, including:

Monthly Rates

If you rent your property by the month you will want to take advantage of the new Monthly Rates feature. Now you can set specific prices for each month of the year.

Scheduled Payments Report

The new Scheduled Payments Report will generate a list of scheduled payments for reservation orders to help you identify past due payments, upcoming payments, and more. The report can be filtered by payment status, due-date, and reservation date.

Advanced Booking Restrictions

New booking restrictions are available to help meet your special booking policy needs. Now you can:

  • Require guests to check-in and check-out on particular days of the week, ie. check-in on Saturdays check-out on Fridays.
  • Require reservations to be in regular intervals, such as multiples of 7 (weekly, bi-weekly etc) or multiples of 30 (monthly, bi-monthly, etc).
  • Apply these requirements annually or to only one season, ie. your busy season.

To take advantage of the new booking restrictions please Contact Customer Care and tell us how you would like your properties configured.

Multi-Property Availability Search for Guests

If you have more than one vacation rental and want to give guests the ability to search availability across all of your properties, contact Customer Care and we can set up this feature for you free of charge. You will be given a special web page and URL that you can add to your existing website or email out to guests.

To take advantage of the new Multi-Property Availability Search for Guests please Contact Customer Care and provide us with 1. Your Website URL Address, and 2. Your Website or Company Logo (optional).

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