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  • Web Team @VacationRentalDesk Aug 9 NOW LIVE! List for free on Google Vacation Rentals, the fastest growing vacation rental channel. To list with Google check that your vacation rental is marked as "Published" under Settings >> Channels & Booking Tools >> Google Vacation Rentals in your online account.

  • Web Team @VacationRentalDesk Sep 7 With growing electric vehicle adoption, installing a level 2 destination charger is a great way to attract EV owners to book your vacation rental home. We have added map filtering for EV chargers so that guests can quickly identify properties that have an EV charger installed. EV owners and guests renting from an EV fleet such Hertz will appreciate the ability to charge overnight--while they sleep--and wake up to a full charge, instead of having to waste precious vacation time to drive to a DC fast charger. To add this amenity go to: Settings >> Website >> Descriptive Text & Amenities.

  • Web Team @VacationRentalDesk Mar 15 Liability coverage of $1 million for accidents and injury to a renter and third parties during their stay is now included in all new damage protection plans. In addition to damage protection for your vacation home's contents, liability coverage fills the gaps in traditional homeowner's insurance policies by covering liability claims that arise specifically from vacation rental activities. Bedbug Protection is also now included, covering the loss of income incurred in the eradication of a bed bug incident. Please note that we could not add these coverages for free, so the cost of policies has increased. For more information please contact Customer Care.

  • Web Team @VacationRentalDesk Jan 27 Using color in your vacation rental photography can be one of the most effective ways to excite the imagination of guests as they browse your rental home. Not only does your website look more appealing, but it helps your guests to visualize their next vacation, thereby increasing bookings.

  • Web Team @VacationRentalDesk Dec 1 Just a reminder to please be aware of fraudulent emails and imitation websites trying to fish for your login information. Never login unless the domain name is exactly correct: - Notice how our domain name does not have any plural words.

  • Web Team @VacationRentalDesk Nov 15 New Feature: Seasonal Rates have been enhanced, making it easier for you to customize and fine-tune your rental rates and maximize revenue. You can now layer Seasonal Rates for special high-demand time frames, e.g. Cochella or the Superbowl, on top of existing seasonal periods.

  • Web Team @VacationRentalDesk Nov 1 Support for Igloo smart locks is now available. Integration is seamless--simply email a door code to your guest with the click of a button from inside your Reservation Dashboard. Igloo locks can be purchased at:

  • Web Team @VacationRentalDesk Oct 8 New Feature: Add a beautiful and responsive weather forecast widget to your website. This makes it easy to excite guests about current weather conditions, especially at seasonal locations next to ski slopes or the beach!

  • Web Team @VacationRentalDesk Sep 20 Booking Tip: For guests requesting reservation cancellations, try offering them a coupon for a free night or discount should they choose to reschedule for a later date instead. Coupons can be created under the Settings tab.

  • Web Team @VacationRentalDesk Jul 8 We have added a new advanced feature, Google Tag Manager, for Google Analytics pros and professional web marketers:

  • Web Team @VacationRentalDesk Jun 1 Photos of your rental's outdoor seating are a must-have and enable guests to visualize where they can relax after a long day at the beach, on the lake, or on the slopes. Patios, roof-tops, lounges, decks, or anywhere else with a breeze and a view will inspire more direct bookings!

  • Web Team @VacationRentalDesk Apr 2 Are you still still charging hefty refundable damage deposits to guests? Our years of experience and conversations with owners tell us that refundable deposits of $250 or more can cause guests to book elsewhere! A low-cost damage waiver is more palatable for guests, while also being more practical for managers since there is no refund to manage.

  • Web Team @VacationRentalDesk Mar 11 Use our software to encourage more bookings by offering guests an inexpensive damage waiver when they go to make a reservation.

  • Web Team @VacationRentalDesk Jan 2 Opening damage and travel protection just got easier--it is now automated as part of the order management process when you accept a reservation. Coverage documents are delivered by email too. Simple does it!

  • Web Team @VacationRentalDesk Dec 9 Damage and travel protection is now available for your vacation rental home! Read more on our website below:

  • Web Team @VacationRentalDesk Dec 1 New Feature: Visualize how business is trending with the Booking Activity Graph, which shows new bookings, check-ins, & check-outs by date.

  • Web Team @VacationRentalDesk Nov 8 Enhanced Owner Reports now available for quick & insightful financial analysis of your vacation rental home's profitability. Includes commission & expenses for property managers.

  • Web Team @VacationRentalDesk Oct 3 Feature Highlight: Did you know you can get text message alerts when a new online bookings are received? To enable, login to your Reservation Desk and add your phone under Settings >> Rental Profiles.

  • Web Team @VacationRentalDesk Sep 25 WiFi keyless lock integration now available! Receive instant notifications when guests check-in or check-out. $75 off device coupon available.

  • Web Team @VacationRentalDesk Aug 8 Incorporating high definition photos on your homepage can add an exciting visual to your vacation rental website's homepage!