Vacation Rental Software Testimonials

Below are real-life, word-for-word testimonials from enthusiastic do-it-yourself vacation rental owners and professional management companies.

Mountain Cabin in Big Bear, California

Managing our own vacation rental is so easy now! We no longer rely on a paper checklist or our memories (we aren't getting any younger) for things we need to mail or fax our guests. Nor do we have to wait to receive payments and signed contracts. Comments and notes about returning guests are easy to review and the reports are helpful for our end of year accounting.

Previously we were only able to receive payment by checks or money orders. Now we are able to take credit card payments, which is really helpful with last minute check-ins.

-John & Maureen Rood
Mission Viejo, CA

Hancock Guest Cottages of Austin, Texas has been a life-saver for our business! We used to keep reservations in a spread sheet--it would take an hour every Saturday to reconcile all 7 property calendars with our cleaner and gardener. Now I have a week's worth of time saved, perfect for my own vacation, thanks to VRD.

Running a vacation rental agency involves being organized--and there is no easier way than using Because we have 7 Cottages our favorite feature is the Universal Rental Calendar that gives our guests an overview of all the calendar events and rental arrangements--it makes it easy for them and easy for us. Everybody wins.

We have been using since 2008 and highly recommend it! VRD is hands-down the best, most user-friendly booking software for our guests--and, at the end of the day, it's great for us, too. It's impossible to double-book, allows us the ease of creating special rate windows, as well as the ability to send Welcome and Thank You emails. What a timesaver. Two Thumbs Up!

-Rachel Nation
Austin, Texas

Kona Beach Bungalows, Kona Coast, Hawaii

Here at Kona Beach Bungalows we've been with Vacation Rental Desk since 2008. They have provided our family excellent service for the Kona Beach Estate and we're very happy with the level of service they have provided us with.

-Mario & Darci, Kona Beach Bungalows
Kona, HI

Vacation Condo in Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii

Our condo in Kauai has been handled with a rental company for ten years, but with the down-turn in the economy a few years ago, our reservations have really dropped off. For over a year, we wanted to go independent, but we were over-whelmed with the prospect of staying on-top of bookings, contracts, emails, and payments.

We're so pleased with the organization provides with automatic emails, the tracking system, and the credit card process. I love the unlimited pictures we can post, but more importantly, I am amazed how we can enter information once and the emails automatically go to the guest, to me, and to our house cleaning business. If we had known about last year, we would have switched then and would now be benefiting from a more fully booked calendar.

-Francis and Mary Ann
Merced, CA

Emerson Guest Properties, Texas & New York

My experience with Vacation Rental Desk has been phenomenal. They are incredibly helpful, responsive and are ever improving the (already wonderful) products they offer.

Guests love my website, which was created with the help of one of Vacation Rental Desk's templates, and I've seen a big increase in web visibility and bookings. Backend management is very easy to navigate, and they provide ample tools for improving efficiency and advertising online. I really couldn't be happier!

-Brooke Andrus, Owner of Emerson Guest Properties
Texas & New York

Former Celebrity Owned Beach Cottage in Santa Barbara, California

I love having access to on any computer and also on my smartphone. My vacation rental tends to rent in spurts so having to keep up with multiple reservations all at once can be daunting. keeps all of my reservations organized and allows me to note details about the guest so I can then personalize their stay. I also love that all of the accounting is taken care of as well. Having all of my email templates stored in the program makes communicating with my guests a breeze! I really like this program and have recommended it to other people as well!

The one feature that I LOVE is being able to enter an order, process it and have all the fees and rates computed right before me. Talk about a life saver when I am on the phone with the guest! I don't have to manually write everything down, compute it (hoping there are no errors) and then rewrite it all when they book.

Little Red Door Cottage
Santa Barbara, CA

Sitka Travel Vacation Rentals in Sitka, Alaska

It is so quick to confirm a reservation, many times I've been somewhere, like an airport, received an email on my iphone saying I have a new reservation, logged in on Iphone, and in less than a minute, have confirmed, charged, and notified housekeeping, and owner of the reservation. "Can you believe I just completely took care of a reservation, while sitting here, waiting for a plane," I'll ask my husband.

Vacation Rental Desk has made a world of difference to my business! The team is easy to work with and if/when issues arrive they get on the problem right away. They are open to ideas and suggestions for solutions to issues that make running a vacation rental challenging. I love the fact that they have a real understanding of the challenges of running a vacation rental and how often reservations have to be changed, altered, to meet the needs of the market or individual customer, giving me ways to make these changes. I have tried many other reservation systems, but have yet to find one that meets my needs with a reasonable cost, besides Vacation Rental Desk. Good job, VRD Team!

I have used other online booking systems including Globeres and Live Rez, but Globe Rez was too limiting, with almost everything having to be done by hand. Live Rez did not have things in place for electronic signature unless they booked online, which meant I had to have them fax it or me send an email with the agreement and them reply, and they automatically sent the access info on booking. Did not have a back end setup to where you could send it on final payment.

-Sharon Romine
Sitka, Alaska

Eric Leach of Mammoth Lakes, CA has been a fantastic asset to our business! Before using VRD we spent countless hours typing emails and tracking payments. Now that we can get all this done through VRD in just a couple of clicks we have much more time to book rentals and service guest needs. And being able to have real-time availability calendars that allows renters to book and pay online intergraded into our website has increased our business tremendously. I can't ever imagine trying to manage vacation rentals without VRD!

-Eric Leach
Mammoth, California

What Guests are Saying

The following testimonials are just a few of the real-life feedback responses we have received from our client's guests:

"We have rented cabins and houses all over the country and this rental process was by far the easiest and most efficient. Thank you!"
-Kathryn Weller

"This online booking service was fast and easy."
-Sandra Biter

"This is our second time using this electronic reservation system, and I love it. No hassles and easy to use."
-Teresa Baggerly

"What a great website. Very easy and user friendly. I am a Contract Administrator for a living and the was very impressed with the online contract used. Thank you!!"
-Cindy Raspberry

"Hi! This was probably the easiest and most straight forward process I have encountered and I have used vacation rental properties for many years but this is a first with your group. Thanks!"
-Diane Seguin

"Very easy to do. Would definitely recommend someone to use your system."
-Janice Dudley

"The online booking was very easy and fast. Thanks!"
-Kelli Graham

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