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Example Social Media and Blog Posts for Your Rental

So you have your vacation rental, your newly-established social media accounts, and the initiative to create free, engaging marketing for your vacation rental business. All that's left is to get the content out there and start seeing increased bookings and greater success for your vacation rental business.

All the information you could ever need to start posting about you rental you already have. Just by owning or managing a vacation rental in a specific location provides you with insight into what types of events, holidays, seasons, and more draw in guests to the area. Try to pair an image (personal, from the news, from a search) with a little bit of text to entice guests and engage with them on their social networks.

Concerts and Festivals

Music-lovers around the world will travel far and wide for the perfect festival or concert line-up. Weekend-long events such as these are a huge opportunity to market your rental and secure bookings (even increase profit with higher rates!). In this example, a rental in Austin, TX shares a few quick words about the upcoming South by Southwest music festival to their social media following, reminding them that if they want a place to stay for that weekend, they should act fast. Check the newspapers and advertisements to hear about upcoming festivals or sought-after concert tickets.

Tournaments and Events

Sporting events and tournaments sustain a significant traveling fanbase. For the avid golf lover, finding a beautiful rental to stay in during the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament is a high priority. Do some research if needed to see if your area hosts sporting events or tournaments such as this.

Seasons and Weather

For some guests, the weather is everything! Had an incredible snowfall this year? Skiers and snowboarders want to know! The right weather will draw in guests during any season.

Local Experiences

Does your town have a to-die-for burger bar? Or maybe a charming little coffee shop? The best ice cream parlor around? Scout out the local spots and see what people are saying about them. Chances are a potential guest would love some recommendations for places to try, and you have the inside scoop!

Unique Activities

Most vacation towns host unique activities that interest travelers. Heard from a former guest that they really enjoyed horseback riding on the cliffs with a guided tour? Share those types of activities on your social media channels and help prospective guests plan their next visit to your vacation rental.

Insider Specials

Many local businesses offer exciting deals and specials as part of their initiative to increase new foot traffic into their space. Do some quick research or keep your ears open for word-of-mouth insider specials that any guest couldn't pass up. The best sandwich shop in town gives away their sandwiches for 50% off after 4pm everyday? Who could resist that?

Updates to Your Rental

Just installed keyless entry to your vacation rental? Snap a photo and post it on your social channels and blog. Your guests will love knowing that you're working towards making their stays more enjoyable.

The key to posting on social media is to filter information coming in about your rental and your area as if your were listening through a guest's ears: Why would I most want to visit this town? What does this area have to offer me that's unique and exciting? What events am I interested that I could experience while staying at this rental?

Entering in to this mindset will have you consistently posting on social media in no time!

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Recently, Vacation Rental Desk shared our top three reasons why vacation rental owners and managers should consider using social media with their business. So, maybe you're excited to start marketing your rental via social media, but have never used any social media channels, aren't sure of what they're used for, or better yet, how to use them. Some of you may not use personal accounts either.

For social media beginners (and even longtime users!), we're equipping you with a guide to navigating the next steps of that process: getting started with social media for your vacation rental and setting yourself up for success.

Get to Know the Channels

There are so many platforms out there for sharing content on social networks. The major players are certainly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, with honorable mentions to Google+ and Tumblr. Each channel is unique in the way it conveys content and how users participate within the network. The key to successful social media marketing is to honor the differences of each channel and maximize your reach across channels.


Definitely the most successful channel over the last decade. You may even be an avid user of Facebook for personal use. Business owners can make "pages" showcasing their business, and users can "like" the page to subscribe to updates and build a following. Here's a how-to guide Facebook provides for setting up a page and using the channel to market a business.


An entirely image-driven platform. Instagram allows users to upload photos and graphics to a visual feed. Others on the channel choose to follow a brand and "like" their photos as they're posted. Check out this page for tips on using Instagram for business.


Say it in less words: Twitter limits users to 140-character "tweets" of text that capture an idea or thought in the ultimate brevity. Others can "retweet" these pieces of text, comment, or like. Twitter is incredibly useful in communicating a strong, unique brand voice as well as sharing brief but noteworthy updates. Here's Twitter's how-to page on setting up a business account.


Probably the most unique channel in its use. Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas (Source: Pinterest). Pinterest is a powerful tool for business and can create a buzz for your website with little effort on your part. Click through the tabs on this page to see how Pinterest suggests "pinning" for business.

Try Things Out

Marketing is all about trying something and seeing if it works. It's an ongoing game of trial and error until you get your stride.

First and foremost, don't be afraid to play around with your social media channels. Stay tuned as we'll be going in-depth with some post ideas and examples next week, but in the meantime try your hand at making an account and putting some content out there.

Try some test posts

What's working? What's not? What do you think your guests will enjoy reading about or seeing? Do some formats and channels work better for your business than others? Compile a list of relevant events, holidays, weather patterns, places of interest, etc. that you think your guests would be interested in, and try your hand at sharing that information on your channels. We'll show you a few ways to do this in another blog post.

Do your research

Try to get a sense for the trends used by others in your market. How do other vacation rental managers showcase their properties? What types of posts seem the most effective? You can even emulate the style and structure of other business's channels until you find your own voice and feel confident using all of the platform's features.

Start Networking

The profitable and most important aspect of social media marketing is the network. Like we said in the previous post on social media, social media networks are free, relevant resources where your business can have a significant presence and impact in the everyday lives of potential guests. 

Share your pages on your personal social media channels if you have them. Invite your friends and family to follow and "like" your pages. Invite other users in the industry. Strongly consider inviting past guests to follow your rental on social media. The opportunities are limitless, and the effort is minimal.

Get started with social media today and experience the benefits of marketing with the social networks.

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How one vacation rental business went from no reservations to every weekend in that month booked by using the blog feature on their website.

Vacation Rental Desk's website builder software is jam-packed with features to promote success in your business. Our next generation websites give you the ability to engage with guests by blogging about your rental on your website.

It Starts with Sharing

John and Maureen Rood, Vacation Rental Desk clients who own Green Gable Cottage in Big Bear, CA, hoped to connect with their prospective guests by writing a series of blog posts about the snowfall in Big Bear that season. The winter months in town draw many guests looking for a good weekend on the slopes, and this year's storms have made for exceptional skiing conditions. 

Knowing what their guests would want to read about allowed John and Maureen to quickly target what they should share on their blog. For many vacation rental owners, knowing what to share is as simple as knowing your rental. What would your guests like to do during their stay? What draws guests to your town at a particular time of the year?

Invest Just a Little Time

Just by keeping up with the news, John and Maureen knew that Big Bear was experiencing a pretty spectacular snowfall. In one blog post, they attach a screenshot of the live cam atop a local ski resort alongside a few sentences about the storm and a snow report. In another post, they share a photo of the ski runs with a local news report of 30 inches of fresh snow for that day.

All in all, the brief posts they created required little to no effort on their part, while the impact for their winter sport-loving guests was maximized.

See the Results

Before they started blogging about the snow at their rental in January, John and Maureen had zero reservations for the month of February. Soon after though, the response was incredible. Every weekend in February was booked!

Take some time to explore the blogging feature on your website and consider sharing a different side of your rental experience with your guests. The results could surprise you!

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Three reasons why you should be using social media with your vacation rental business

The vacation rental landscape is changing. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest allow users to share and interact with individuals and brands all over the world in a completely unique way, and 93% of businesses use social media to market their product or service.

Integrating social media with your vacation rental business has the potential to increase bookings and generate awareness for your business. By establishing and engaging with social media channels that promote your rentals, you could be reaching an untapped audience of potential guests.

1. It's relevant.

According to a recent survey, nearly two-thirds of American adults reported using social media in 2015, almost ten times the amount reported a decade earlier. With an increasingly expanding network of users, social media channels offer an opportunity for significant exposure unlike anything else. Reach more guests by using social media.

2. It's free.

All social media channels are free at sign up, and with an intentional and thoughtful marketing strategy and some consistent effort, this free resource can prove to be invaluable for your vacation rental business. There's no limit to the potential that social media offers do-it-yourself vacation rental owners and managers.

3. It's personal.

Your guests will love having an inside look at your rental and staying up to date long after their stay is over. Connect with guests new and old by sharing with them often.

Getting started with social media is a worthwhile investment into the future success of your vacation rental business. Stay tuned as Vacation Rental Desk works to equip you and your business with all the tools and information you need to get your feet wet in this exciting new field.

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Expanding Your Property to Appeal to Business Travelers

Many vacation rental owners forget that not everyone has the luxury of traveling solely for pleasure. Though most marketing strategies point toward leisure travelers, the business travelers are making up 23% of the vacation and travel industry according to the US Travel Association. 

Recent polls have also shown that approximately 40% of all travelers (business and leisure) plan and prefer staying in vacation rentals compared to hotels, and that number is only rising.

So, the big question. How can you make your vacation rental appeal to business travellers in a few simple steps?

#1: Connect- WIFI

The biggest hurdle for business travelers is staying connected. Not only do many leisure travelers deem Wifi as a necessity, but it is almost a requirement for business travelers. Making this a widely known feature will not only appeal to business travelers, but also to families traveling with teens who want to stay connected.

#2: Space- Work & Relax

If you are marketing to business travelers, and you want them to come back, be sure to include comfortable sleeping and relaxing quarters in addition to a work space. Where many of your leisure travelers may not expect to see a desk, business travelers will appreciate the attention to detail and will be a feature that many will remember, and come back to. If you have an area set aside for business and even meetings, be sure to highlight it on your website or listings.

#3: Inspiration

Much of the reason that business travelers are switching from primarily hotels to vacation rentals is due to the fact that there is often more inspiration in the environment. Just because accommodations are functional and comfortable doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Business travel isn’t all bad, and doesn’t have to be about sitting around in a sterile hotel room or office the entire time. Providing a unique experience can inspire creativity and concentration.

#4: Commute

Giving specific times for traveling to the center of the city, to the airport, or other nearby cities. Most travelers are visiting areas they have never been to before, making it a very helpful tip to include standard travel times. Mentioning favorite transportation resources and providing numbers for taxi services also goes a long way.

#5: Work then Enjoy
No work trip will be completely business, yet many business travelers forget that. Highlighting the relaxing, fun, or interesting things to do around your property as a good retreat option. Showcasing the good food options, best scenic areas, and attractions can go far in bringing all kinds of travelers to your property, and will leave a lasting mark in their memory to tell their friends and visit again.

By taking the time now to establish your vacation rental as a business and leisure friendly retreat, you will come in ahead of the competition and find your rental growing as the industry of business travelers does.


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